On April 8th, 2018 me and Avery made our way to The Estate at White Hall and Vineyard in King George, VA for a styled photo shoot. The event was hosted by Nance’s Rustic Rentals and Events out of Fredericksburg, VA and featured many talented and high-quality vendors.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect because I had never been to this venue and I knew absolutely nobody there except for Avery. When we arrived, there was still a bit of setting up going on, but everything that had already been set up looked like it would be amazing to work with. The venue itself was great, with an old white barn being the main thing on the property that caught my eye. Nance’s Rustic Rentals & Events also had their ice cream bike set up and ready for us to use.

While I was anxious to grab my camera and start shooting immediately, something else had caught my attention — the smell of food (haha). Elegant Cuisines was starting to make the food we would be taking photos of, but my inner fat kid was ready to eat it instead! There was also a delicious looking cake set up that was made by Sheri Jenkins.

Before I got a chance to take off with all the food the entire group was called together so we could all introduce ourselves and meet each other. There were 12 different photographers, counting myself. Not surprisingly, I was the only guy my age and only one of two guys there as photographers. But who could pass up an event like this to not only work with great vendors but to also try and perfect some photography skills.

After our introductions, we finally got to meet with our models for the day. They were a real-life couple, so it definitely made the pictures a lot easier. Instead of the fake smiles from people who aren’t together, we were able to get capture the real side of a couple who is currently engaged. We got to work with them in different settings all over the property at the venue.

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For me, my favorite photos of the day came after the female model changed into a blue dress. Something about that dress in the location we were at was perfect. Unfortunately we were running out of time at the end so we didn’t get to shoot with that outfit for too long.


After we got done with the photos for the afternoon we all sat down as a group and had a little dinner together. The food we ate was the same food we photographed. If only I could have a food vendor like that at every wedding!

With everything said, I couldn’t have been happier with how well the event turned out. A lot of people put in some hard work to make it happen. I didn’t get to mention all the people who helped make the shoot possible, so here’s a list of everyone who took part!

Debbie Nance – Host, Stylist and Rentals Nance’s Rustic Rentals and Events

The Estate at White Hall and Vineyard (Venue)

Vintage Virginia Art

Nicole Diane Photography

Mermaid Lake Photography

Just Good Scents Soap Company

Honeysuckle Rose Photography LLC

Cake by Sheri Jenkins

Always Avery Photography

Occasions Custom Floral Creations

Pia Chella Calligraphy

Tara Lins Photography

Classie Sassie Mixerz

Dragon Ridge Photography


Bellawood Photography

Kate Mitchell – Hair and Makeup Artist

Katie Jean Photography

Ava Laurenne Bride

Kristina Marie Photography

Elegant Cuisines

Red Heart Creations

Signs of Our Lives

The Sweet Dandelion

One thought

  1. We Loved having you!! It was great to meet you. Thanks so much for coming!! The pictures and day turned out Beautiful!!
    We are thrilled that the lovely and handsome “model couple” will actually being saying “I Do” with us here on property later this year.

    Hurry back!!

    The Estate at White Hall and Vineyard
    King George , Va

    Liked by 1 person

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