On May 15th, 2018 I finally made my return to Colorado after almost 3 years. This time was much different tho, on this trip I was here to do nothing but take pictures! After spending the night in Denver, I made my way to the Rocky Mountains on the morning on May 16th. My original plan was to go to Summit Lake and Mount Evans, however, the road to Summit Lake was still closed so I started off at Echo Lake instead. It was beautiful there, with only a few people to be found.

After a short stop at Echo Lake, I made my way towards Loveland Pass. At 11,990 feet it was bound to offer some incredible views. When I got there, I was not disappointed!


The snow capped mountains were amazing to see in person. These pictures just don’t do them justice. I spent a few hours taking photos on the pass. During that time, I barely managed to travel 20 miles! Everywhere I looked I found myself stopping to take pictures.

After spending a full day taking pictures, I realized I would need much more time than what I had this trip. The fact that I covered less than 50 miles and ended up with hundreds of new photos said enough. I would need weeks to do what I need in Colorado, and even then I don’t think I would get to it all!

This set of pictures is just the start. I’ll have tons more from Colorado in the coming days and weeks on all of my websites.




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