On May 17th, 2018 I made my way to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. This location has been on my bucket list for years after I first visited Wyoming in 2012 while headed to a fire when I was working for Lakeview Helitack. Of all the mountain ranges I’ve visited in the United States, this was by far my favorite.

My first stop was on US-26; US-287 before we entered Grand Teton National Park at the Moran entrance station. The view from this stretch of road was amazing.



As I continued on US-26; US-287 and got closer to the entrance station I couldn’t help but stop every 2 seconds to get more and more pictures.

After entering the park from the Moran entrance station I made my next stop at the Upper Oxbow Turnout.



After a few more brief stops I found myself at Oxbow Bend and the view was incredible. From this location I was able to photograph the Snake River with Mt. Moran in the distance. While this is probably the most recognized image of Grand Teton National Park throughout the world, I had to get photos from my viewpoint.






Once I finished at Oxbow Bend I made my way to a few more select locations before I finally made the decision to head to Yellowstone National Park before I ran out of daylight. If you’ve never been to Grand Teton National Park, I highly recommend placing it near the top of your bucket list. I personally could have spent days here and I still would not have seen everything that I wanted to.




Next stop, Yellowstone National Park….

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