House Fire (rekindle) – Jackson Township, Snyder County, PA January 25th, 2019

On January 25th, 2019 at approximately 1900hrs fire crews were dispatched to a rekindle of a house fire at 3189 Smalsh Barrick Road in Jackson Township, Snyder County, PA.

The initial fire earlier in the day started in a shed, which is adjacent to the house. Strong winds quickly spread the flames to the bravo (left) side of the structure and then into the attic area.

Fire crews from Hummels Wharf, Kreamer, Middlecreek Township, Middleburg, Mifflinburg, New Berlin, Kratzerville, and Penns Creek assisted at the scene.

One thought on “House Fire (rekindle) – Jackson Township, Snyder County, PA January 25th, 2019

  1. With all due respect to my fellow firefighters, and with not being there and not knowing the circumstances or the situation, my comments are not necessarily intended for this incident.

    Why do we have rekindled? With the amount of technology available to us in this day and age, rekindles SHOULD be a thing of the past. We have TICs, and other heat sensing devices to detect any areas that would pose a risk of a rekindle. I know there is always extenuating circumstances, and never would I say that rekindles should or would be eliminated. However, I still read and hear about so many rekindles. It’s actually a little embarrassing, as a fire department, to have to come back out and put the fire out AGAIN. We must use every tool we have available to us to ensure that we complete the job the first time out.

    Again, my comments and opinions and not directed at the aforementioned article, just at the fire service as a whole.


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