On March 24th, 2019 at 0334 hours, emergency personnel were dispatched to 100 West Center Street in Ashland, PA for a reported structure fire.

Chief 38 arrived on scene shortly after dispatch and within minutes of arriving he called for a 2nd and 3rd alarm assignment.

03-24-19 (10)

Along with the 2nd and 3rd alarm assignments, Chief 38 requested a tanker task force for additional water. Tankers from Aristes, Shenandoah, Fountain Springs, Numidia, Beaverdale, Lavelle, Gordon, and Ringtown were added.

03-24-19 (13)

As crews were working to extinguish the fire, a mayday was declared with a firefighter reportedly falling partially through the floor. The firefighter was able to get free quickly and the mayday was canceled.

03-24-19 (33)

As building conditions continued to deteriorate, master stream operations were set up. The main portion of the roof collapsed as crews sent large amounts of water into the building.

Around 0700hours, the 2nd and 3rd alarm assignment crews began to be released from the scene. The remaining personnel and apparatus remained on the scene working hot spots until they were released in the afternoon.

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